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Monday, 30 March

Folks, I want to let everyone know that Joe Drach '72 received notice today that he is positive for the virus. He had a test last Wednesday and got the results this morning. 

On 18 Mar he started running temperatures between 99 and 101, feeling rundown with a dry cough, headache, lack of appetite, but without shortness of breath.  He had a flu test at Belvoir early last week that was negative, and was able to get a COVID test thru a Nurse Practitioner in MD.
His last contact with club members was on Wed 11 Mar (Korvel burial), Mon 9 Mar (Loose Cannons rehearsal), and/or Sun 8 Mar (Heritage Hunt Founders Day).  So it’s been at least 19 days since physical contact with most if not all of us, with his current symptoms starting on or about the 18th, 12 days ago  
He and Janet will continue to self-quarantine for another 14 days.  I'll volunteer to be the contact person to keep everyone in the loop so as not to overwhelm him right now. He says he feels better than he did so we hope he is on the backside and recovering as we speak.
Joe and Janet's mailing address is:
4421 Greenwich Pkwy NW
Washington, DC  20007
I'll keep everyone up to date as best I can. Proud and True!

Jeff Lau
UPDATE (4/2): Joe reports he is on the mend and feeling better each day, though still weak. He expects to remain in quarantine for another week at least.


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Membership in the West Point Alumni Glee Club is limited to West Pointers who enjoy singing and believe in the importance of traditional music in our service to the nation. Our members average almost 20 years of active duty service with over 75% being combat veterans. Our motto continues to be “No Fun Without Music; No Music Without Fun.” Our goal is to spread the love of music among warriors, to sing for veterans, servicemen, and their families, and to generate funds to provide additional support to the Cadet Glee Club that will enable them to travel further and perform more as ambassadors of West Point and the Army.

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