Loose Cannons

West Point Alumni Glee Club singers who are interested in working on some barber shop related music such as "Lida Rose" and others such as 16 Tons, the Grinch, etc. are invited to let Russ Robertson know.  rrobertson@wealthcrest.com

While typically sung as a quartet, the group is interested in having more than one person in each singing part for redundancy.

So far a small group have been rehearsing and will be rehearsing on into the year.


Rehearsal Dates







Casa Robertson, 8606 Cross View, Fairfax Station, VA





May 13 1730


June 3 1730 KofC
June 10 1830 Casa Robertson, 8606 Cross View, Fairfax Station, VA


       Rehearsals at Knights of Columbus are for one hour (more like 45-50 minutes) and are primarily for Nancy to smooth out the rough edges.  Rehearsals at Russ’s house are learning rehearsals for up to two hours mostly to work on blend; however, if new music is introduced we will try to get it to you by email beforehand so you can rehearse your part prior to the other rehearsals.


"Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"

           Amazing Grace Sheet Music

"Seven Bridges Road"

          Seven Bridges Road Sheet Music

"Lida Rose"

Lida Rose Sheet Music

First Tenor Part

Lead Part

Baritone Part

Bass Part

Lida Rose on YouTube   For reference only, we will sing it in a slightly different key!

"When I'm 64" (aka What most of us see in our rear view window!)

When I'm 64 Sheet Music

Parts Predominant Solo Right


Lead Predominant Lead Solo Lead Right
Tenor Tenor Predominant Tenor Solo Tenor Right
Baritone Baritone Predominant Baritone Solo Baritone Right
Bass Bass Predominant Bass Solo Bass Right

Full Harmony

" Sixteen Tons" 

            Sheet Music for Sixteen Tons


Call Russ at (571) 215-9110 if  you get lost or need directions.

Parts for individual rehearsals will soon be posted here!