Virtual Rehearsal


Thanks to all who joined the "virtual" rehearsal Monday night.  We had close to forty during the final hour session.  We also had Glee Clubbers from Hawaii, California, Chicao, Colorado, Florida and Tidewater Virginia interacting.

Thanks to Russ Robertson and the Loose Cannons for leading us.

Now I'd like to ask all who joined in to complete a short survey for feedback on how we can improve the experience and usefulness.

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1)   Attendance:

2)   Rehearsal Effectiveness from a music standpoint: Rate 1 to 5 on the following scale please: 5 - Extremely worthwhile; 3 - OK; 1 - Waste of time.

Only those who joined for the 1830 to 1930 rehearsal sessions should respond to this please
3)   Morale/Camaraderie Same scale please

4)   Quality of Sound: Refers to how you were able to hear the audio produced by the session provided live by the Loose Cannons.

5)   Audio: Relative to audio for your rehearsal use, if you have an observation on what can be done to improve it, please comment here.

6)   Visual Direction: Often the are delays experienced between what is seen on video (lags) and what is heard on audio.

7)   Visual Direction Comments: Please feel free to comment if you have observations on how effective the direction was, how it was presented and its value to you singing along.

8)   Overall Effectiveness: Should we continue with "virtual" singing portion until we can sing together live?

Please pick the answer that most closely reflects your position. Multiple answers are not allowed via this survey instrument.
9)   We propose to continue "virtual" rehearsals on a first and third Mondays and same times as at Knights of Columbus. We plan to take this simulated approach UNTIL we can get back to singing "live." The question is: IS IT WORTH IT? Please provide your recommendations in text form if you wish.

Thanks for responding!