75th Anniversary D Day?

We have been invited to sing a 30 minute or so concert in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the D Day Invasion in World War II and participate in a parade (riding on a flat bed etc.)

The invitation has come from the National D Day Memorial Foundation in Bedford, VA.  The timeframe is June 7, 8 and 9.  Thus this would involve an approximate four hour trip to Bedford (near Lynchburg) and return with two overnight stays.

We may also do a concert in Lynchburg on the evening of June 8. 

Cost Estimate:  A fifty four seat bus for the three days will cost appoximately $110 per person

Accomodations in Lynchburg will run $80 per night (taxes included) per room, free wi-fi and breakfast.  Three star hotel so I'm told.

Rough Schedule Concept:

June 7:  0800 Depart by bus from Haymarket VA area

1200 Arrive Lynchburg

1300 to 1700 Rest and/or rehearse

1900 Concert in Bedford, VA

June 8:  1100 Parade in Bedford, VA

1300 to 1700 Rest and/or rehearse

1900 approx  Concert TBD in Lynchburg/VMI

June 9:  Casual morning

1300 to 1500 Possible Civil War Battlefield Farmville/Appomattox Staff Ride

NLT 2000 Return to Haymarket Area



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1)   I/we will sing and participate in the 75th Anniversary of D Day?

This is for an early feasibility survey and is NOT a commitment. We may have to pay our own way on this one but we will seek outside funding.
2)   Please enter any concerns/questions you might have that will affect your commitment

3)   These answers deal with bus transportation. We need around 40 passengers to make it feasible!

4)   These answers deal with the number of hotel rooms we need. Right now our contract is with Quality In in Lynchburg at $80 per night. Rated 8.5 out of ten.