Glee Club Reunion Cancelled


Our reunion glee club coordinating committee has had to make the decision to cancel and defer until next year 2020, the planned reunion glee club performance that we had originally scheduled for 20 July 2019 at Trophy Point. Unfortunately, we were notified this week (after working for over two years on organizing the upcoming concert) that the facilities we need for practice, meals, and an inclement weather site, are not going to be available this summer at West Point. The Directorate of Cadet Activities (DCA) notified us that they have to make emergency repairs to Eisenhower Hall that will make it impossible for us to practice and have an inclement weather site. In our judgment, it would be improper to ask you to attend a reunion glee club concert at West Point without a back-up performance site in the event of inclement weather at Trophy Point. Trusting to luck that it will not rain on our originally planned concert date, with no indoor backup facility, is not an acceptable option to us.

As a reunion glee club committee we want nothing but the best for our reunion. The past three reunions (2007, 2011, and 2015) all were superlative in nature and we want nothing but the same for the next one. We will ask the USMA band to block out another date in July 2020 for our reunion, and will notify you as soon as we have an approved date from USMA administration.

We are sorry for an inconvenience caused by this delay but hope to see you in July 2020 for another successful reunion.

Larry D. Smith ‘62
Member, Reunion Glee Club Coordinating Committee


Sent by the West Point Association of Graduates